Even if you have a great idea, it is not enough to make your business work. To learn about everything starting businessmen should know, use these useful sources

How and where to start learning business: top helpful online sources

Starting a business doesn`t seem a bad idea nowadays while there are many opportunities for young entrepreneurs. If you developed a business idea, you are ready to put there a lot of effort and money and you hope to do everything right, then first learn business online or take a special program at university or a school of business. In this article, we are going to describe the most helpful online resources you may find on the web that share sufficient online guides and tutorials on learning the business basics.

First steps to learning the art of business

Even if you are still a student but you already think about your future job and maybe own business, you may consider different online courses for business newbies (luckily, there are many great online resources available). Combining it with your college studies may be hard, but you can always request for paper writing help or use other student services to have some free time for extra education. As there are many useful resources, blogs, programs and successful stories covered in media, we tried to narrow this circle to the most helpful strategies for young entrepreneurs:


  1.   Online entrepreneurship courses. If you aim at getting a diploma, you may consider online business learning programs offered by a number of universities (choose the one you like most). For example, MIT offers such courses as Entrepreneurship 101, 102 and 103 while  Harvard provides stuff with a wider perspective like Emerging Economies where you will be solving complex social problems;
  2.       Idea validation by Evan Kimbrell. If the idea of building a company and get into business secrets is not leaving you but you doubt your first step, this online resource is for you. Through the entire course, Evan is taking with you small but confident steps and sets you a purpose to find the working idea, estimate the demand on the market, build the potential audience and convince your first customer to buy. Here you will get free tools, great templates and pre-sales tactics. At the end of the course, you will have your idea validated, can present your service or product from a better side and get an opportunity to land a six-figure contract on freelance;
  3.       Making money by Ramit Sethi. Have you heard about this famous New York Times writer of bestsellers, businessman and online instructor? This project is revealing tips on making money with your idea and with its help, you can identify the niche lacking your product to build your business around. Ramit shares unique techniques of changing your financial perception and his course will be perfect for those who choose freelancing, remote work, consulting or any other ways of providing your services online;
  4.     Business launch online by Lewis Howes. A successful entrepreneur and business coach, Lewis will teach you how to convert your passion into a promising brand. His guide will help you develop your idea, get first feedback and build the company from the ground within a limited timeframe. You will learn about marketing tactics, high-converting leads and understand what triggers people to buy;
  5.   Lean Startup by Eric Ries. A founder from Silicon Valley, Eric is recognized as a person who has power and experience in the business world. His special course describing startup methodology is structured properly to become digestible and its main purpose is to prove your idea potential without spending much budget. You will receive access to 2+ hours of video lesson that describes how you can integrate startup principles to your company.
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All of these resources proved to be extremely relevant and helpful for hundreds of young entrepreneurs and we believe that one of them if not all can be a great instrument for your business. Starting a company is definitely not an easy path and you will have to be confident and positive on getting the results. However, a solid knowledge base gained via these reliable sources can help you dive in and build a company that will be worth your effort and investments.

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