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Last night we covered the Samsung Galaxy S 4 event which took place in New York City at Radio City Music Hall, the event which was definitely far from traditional has been getting critiqued and criticized all morning.  But does it deserve such a harsh response?  I don’t think so.

Was the event a bit over-the-top?  Yes, no doubt.  And no doubt that it cost Samsung a lot of money to put on an event of that magnitude.  But you know what?  It was fun to watch, it was entertaining, and it was different.  In a world where everyone tries to copy Apple’s approach to products, advertising, and keynotes, for once, Samsung made an event their own.

The S4 event was theater, it was Broadway, it was New York.  If you ask me, the event would have been a lot more of a snoozefest if we had to listen to JK Shin (President and Head of IT and Mobile Communication Division for Samsung) and his colleagues for an hour.  Because really, who knows any of the executive team at Samsung?  No one really.  At least, we had a solid hour of entertainment, where the next act was really unpredictable, which hasn’t been the case for tech keynotes for quite some time.

The Apple keynote formula works well for Apple mostly because everyone in the world knew Steve Jobs, and many people know Tim Cook, Jony Ive, and Phil Schiller.  Those guys were/are rockstars in the tech world and people pay attention when they are doing a keynote, and that allows Apple’s style of keynote to work so well for them.

I, for one, applaud Samsung for trying something different from the traditional buttoned-up approach. You can watch the full event (below) and judge for yourself.

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