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Happy Sunday, folks! It’s time for the Weekend Wrap-Up, where we go over the top tech stories from the past week.

Companies making news this past week include Apple, AT&T, Sony, Sharp, Phillips, and Razer. Let’s dive in.

Apple Watch to Drop in March

Apple announced its wearable back in September, and since then, details have slowly been leaking out. One bit of news we haven’t had? When, exactly, the Apple Watch is coming out. A recent report has helped somewhat, narrowing the release of the device to March. Apple employees will reportedly be trained on the new product starting in February.

att-logoAT&T Announces Data Rollover

The evolution of the mobile phone plan over the 10-15 years has been fascinating. Remember when rollover minutes were a big deal? In the era of texting and messaging apps, minutes aren’t as important. Data is king, and now that T-Mobile has offered its own version of rollover data, AT&T has decided to match. We’re not all the way there yet in terms of consumer friendliness — I’d like to see all carriers bring back unlimited data for individual lines at some point — but things are getting better.

Android TV Sets Coming from Sony, Sharp, and Phillips

Google TV is going the way of the do-do, and Android TV is coming to take its place. Good news for Google is that things already look much better for its second attempt at a TV operating system. Set manufacturers Sony, Sharp, and Phillips have signed on to build Android TV-powered devices, which will assumedly be available sometime this year. As we learn more about release dates and prices, we’ll let you know.

Razer is Making an Android-Powered Game Console

Let’s be honest — the term “Android-powered game console” probably makes you shudder a bit. There are a bunch of them out there, and none have really taken off. The fact that Razer is making one, though? That’s incredibly interesting. Razer is best known for its high-end gaming laptops, and though the device the company is putting out isn’t a workhorse by any stretch, I have to believe that Razer has a good shot at making an Android game console that people want to buy. The system will cost $99 and should arrive in the first quarter of this year.

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