It seems that Samsung has a more durable version of its popular Galaxy S6 handset in the works, as a leaked image of a “Galaxy S6 Active” appeared on the web on Tuesday. Leaked to GSMArena, the image shows a rugged device stamped with the AT&T logo and the name of the device on the back—and it could be just the phone for folks who want a high-end handset without the fear of it shattering into a million pieces:

This appears to be the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, a waterproof, ruggedly constructed version of the popular S6 handset.

The post explains that the device will lack a fingerprint sensor since it’ll use physical buttons for UI navigation, rather than the touch sensitive buttons found on the regular S6 and S6 Edge handsets. Additionally, it’ll have a 3500mAh battery, which is a solid improvement over the 2550mAh battery of the standard S6.

A device like the Galaxy S6 Active is a bit of a double edged sword. Much of the rave reviews for the S6 itself stem from its great design and premium construction materials. The Active, however, looks pretty silly, since it’s encased in what I can only assume is carbonite.

On the other hand, despite its wonderful design, the S6 is just as fragile as any other device when left un-cased. And if you drop it, well, you’re SOL, and all the great performance is as good as worthless under a cracked screen or a dinged body. As such, the Active is likely far less susceptible to the kind of damage that everyday use might inflict. If you drop this thing, it’ll probably dust itself off and keep on working for quite a while. The same could likely be said if you dunk it in a sink full of soapy water, since the Active line is usually waterproof.

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The Active kind of illustrates the ongoing problem with our smartphones. They’re high-tech devices capable of working wonders that we rely on every day. But they’re also shiny, sleek, sensitive computers that we insist on shoving into our pockets and using over hard concrete streets, with the hope that we never slip up and drop them. Someday, it sure would be nice to see a device that’s built to last from the start, without needing an ugly bumper to protect it from the world around it, which also manages to excite those of us who appreciate elegant product design. For now, it seems that day might still be a ways off.

In the meantime, AT&T is traditionally the carrier that offers Samsung’s Active line of handsets, so be on the lookout for the device there.

[Source: GSMArena via Slashgear]

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