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Considering that we sleep about a third of our lifetime (yes, that much), it’s probably a good idea to make sure we’re getting quality sleep so we have enough energy to keep us going throughout the day. While there are plenty of sleep trackers out there from smart alarm clocks to wearables and apps that track sleep and record patterns, they can be limited to simple data collection and analysis and leave out actionable ways to enhance sleep and let users know when it’s time to catch more Z’s.

SleepRate’s new sleep and fatigue management app, WakeMode, strives to help individuals improve sleep by monitoring their sleep patterns and increasing their energy awareness during the day. WakeMode has developed a way to predict daytime fatigue levels with a number scale from 0 to 100% by using data analysis technology that assesses sleep from the previous night.

The cool thing about WakeMode is that it indicates your fatigue status throughout the entire day, the same way your cell phone displays battery life, so you’re reminded when to recharge your “internal battery” and have a reference for where you fall on the wakefulness spectrum.

This notable feature helps us avoid scenarios where we overexert ourselves and allows us to responsibly utilize our remaining energy. The app informs you when your fatigue levels are low and alerts you with opportunities to recharge, suggesting naps or optimal bedtimes and other ways to boost energy levels, such as making a cup of coffee or doing some cardio exercises. For example, WakeMode can come in handy for all those times you try and muster up the energy to go out with friends after work, but can’t really gauge how tired you actually are or whether you’ll make it through the evening.

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Unlike traditional sleep tracking apps, WakeMode creates a tailored sleep solution plan (implemented by medical sleep experts) offering tips and suggestions by evaluating sleep quality and structure using heart rate and sleep motion and duration. The app is compatible with almost any bluetooth device including wearables (chest bands, watches) and non-wearables. WakeMode can also function without pairing to bluetooth devices, but the more information that’s collected or shared with the app, the more tailored and accurate the improvement plan will be.

WakeMode’s interactive approach relies on users to be aware and engaged in making a difference in their sleep, not just when climbing into bed. One potential challenge some users may face with WakeMode is that it yields better results the more you share information, interact with fatigue updates and consistently track sleep. This is excellent for users who keep up with the updates, tracking and sleep recommendations, but can be a hurdle for those who are less engaged or consistent.

However, here’s an opportunity for anyone who owns a device to be proactive about improving their sleep and at the same time maximizing energy during the day, without having to go see going to see a doctor. In this case, you snooze you win, right?

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