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Whenever you think of video glasses, you think of the future. You think of being able to whip out a pair of RayBans and watch your favorite movies and TV Shows. Well we are not yet there style wise, but we do have a line of video glasses from the company Vuzix. The Wrap 310’s are apart of this line and come in at a steep $249.95 USD. You are probably not going to want to wear these out of your house (maybe an airplane), but nonetheless, they are still very cool.

The glasses come with a nice carrying pouch, a cord that seems to be a proprietary, two seperate earphones that connect individually to the glasses, and a remote that serves as an adapter so you can connect your iPhone/iPod/iPad and even your gaming console (adapters for 30-pin products and RCA cables are included). The remote lets you control volume, brightness, contrast and much more features that you will likely find on your computer monitor’s settings. The view piece for the glasses sit slightly high up, so you can stills see the outside world when you look straight ahead.

Vuzix claims that the glasses will emulate a 55″ projector in the glasses, and I will say that they do deliver something close to that. The quality of the video has that projector effect on it, as it is a tad grainy and a tad washed out before you adjust the settings to your liking. The quality will also depend on the video file itself, but for my testings I used Podcasts and Movies downloaded from the iTunes Store.

Overall, these glasses are extremely cool to have and are very fun to play with, but for $249.95 USD, it is very hard to recommend. If you have the money to spend, I would say go for it. But for the money, there are items that I would use more in my day-to-day life than these.

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