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Voice recognition software continues to transform our lives in very real and important ways. The ability for a machine to translate and understand voice commands is the first step in an ever-growing chain of technological development. It’s a chain that helps us connect with those close to us, get more done and operate more efficiently. As voice recognition becomes more intelligent, it will inevitably open the doors to new avenues that we haven’t yet contemplated as realistic possibilities.

The Role of Voice Recognition Software in A.I. Development

Scene from Her (movie).
Scene from Her (movie).

Voice recognition in its simplest form offers the ability for man to communicate with machine in a proactive and simple manner. This can help make routine tasks less arduous, and it can free up our arms and hands to perform important tasks. From the surgeon who is saving a trauma patient to the mechanic that is developing a new machine, voice recognition plays a vital role in our ability to work more effectively. Voice recognition software must become more efficient and have more efficient storage models before it can be used well in an A.I. environment.

Voice recognition is going to have to continually improve so that A.I. devices can process voices more quickly. High accuracy and an ability to distinguish between primary and secondary voices is the largest obstacle that voice recognition software has in relation to A.I. development. Smartphone users know that it takes some time for their devices to understand and translate what is being said. This is because the immense programming required to interpret spoken commands must be accessed through a remote server. Turn your cellular or wireless connection off, and you’ll find your voice recognition software unable to function.

How A.I. Could Change as Voice Recognition Improves

As voice recognition technology improves, A.I. can begin to act more intelligently. The devices will be able to interpret human intentions and potentially start learning how to anticipate how people will respond to a given line of questioning. This can help A.I. units develop more human-like interactions, and it will result in more efficient workloads. When voice recognition reaches a point where it can instantly understand spoken text, A.I. will be able to translate those voices and respond instantly. One of the biggest hurdles right now, is that A.I. machines don’t have the ability to effectively understand all spoken language.

A.I. devices will also be able to understand more advanced instructions and develop a real understanding of idiomatic and slang verbiage. The technology could be used to provide comfort to aging patients, and provide a relief from solitude for those who have extreme anxiety disorders. It can also be used in manufacturing applications, and the ability to command a machine can help people to work more efficiently and productively. Right now, most A.I. is relegated to text-based speech or prediction technology, as the voice recognition component improves, the technology will extend into all areas of our lives.

The Limitations of A.I. Without Voice Recognition

A.I. is still capable of performing a wide variety of functions without voice recognition, but it’s missing a crucial aspect of development. Users would have to manually input commands and questions in less efficient ways. Products like Siri on the iPhone would still be able to anticipate the needs of customers based on actions that are performed, but there would be a vital connection lacking between human and machine. Without voice recognition capabilities, A.I. would be limited to performing menial tasks that won’t have the same value and convenience afforded by the addition of voice recognition. Deep learning and other advanced tools that can aid A.I are needed for the technology to reach a point where it is suitable for production-level environments.

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