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Yesterday, at 11:59PM Facebook opened up custom URLs for pages with less than 1,000 fans which is most fan pages, by the way.  This allowed users to claim a URL for their fan page (e.g. Originally, the only requirement was that you needed to have more than 25 fans. I think that’s a fair number. However, not too long before the release of custom URLs for fan pages with less than 1,000 fans, Facebook changed the requirement from 25 to 100 fans (a little more notice would have been nice).

The change in the requirement so closely to the release became a slight problem for me as well as many others who have fan pages. I only noticed the change approximately 2 hours before the release of custom URLs and at the time only had 34 fans on my page. In a desperate attempt to be able to obtain a custom URL for my fan page I began to tweet out in search of fans.

I honestly was not sure if I would make it to 100 fans within a 2 hour time frame.  I’m not the biggest name on the web, nor do I have the most followers on Twitter, but I was able to get it done with the help of a lot great people including my Twitter followers who retweeted and became fans as well as my friends on Facebook who put the link in their status messages to help out.  I seriously couldn’t have it without all of you.  It just goes to show you the power of social media.

If you didn’t think Twitter could drive traffic or could be used as a collaborative tool to achieve a goal – think again.  Twitter (and Facebook) have proven to me that they are powerful communication tools which can be used to spread the word on various subjects.

Big thanks again to Mandy, Geekologist, David Ford, GeekInside, Taleb, and many others for their help!

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