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I just had an awesome idea for interacting with my Twitter followers and answering some of their technology related questions.  I’m not sure if this has even been done before so if it’s not completely original – please forgive me.  Here is what I want to do: I want to host the first BestTechie Tweet-For-Help marathon.  What is exactly does this mean?  Well, basically, what I’m looking for is for you (the community) to @besttechie a tech related question and I will do my best to answer it live and through Twitter itself.

As you know Twitter only provides 140 characters of text, so if you cannot fit your question in that space feel free to make a blog post or a video and link to it as your question.  Please keep it related to technology or business (or a mix of the two).  I will do my best to answer everyone’s question.

The Rules & Guidelines:

  1. Only one (1) question per person – If this is a success we’ll be doing more of them in the future.
  2. Any questions that are profane or considered not “family friendly” will not be answered.  So please keep it clean and on topic!
  3. Have fun!  Please tell your friends/followers by retweeting this post. (you don’t have to retweet it, but it would be nice!)

Time & Date:

You can start asking me questions right now!  I will spend as long as it takes on Friday May 8th, 2009 to answer every single question live!  I will start at 11AM EST and go until I’m done answering questions.  I will do my best to record each question and answer segement and post them online my blog that way if you can’t be there you’ll still receive your answer.  Mark your calendars for May 8th at 11AM EST to come show your support while I answer your question!

I will post updates on Twitter to remind everyone but please help spread this around – it’s the only way it will be successful.  So help me, help you and let’s make this a success together!

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