Did you sign up to receive one of the 60,000 Chrome OS notebooks being sent out for free to beta testers around the country?  Well, if you did, chances are you are a little anxious to see if you have been selected by Google.  You wouldn’t be alone – someone apparently gathered the tracking numbers and created a website which will allow you to type in a zip code or city, state and find out if there are any Chrome OS notebooks being shipped to that location.

I checked a few zip codes in my area and there were about three that had been shipped so far (one has yet to be delivered).  While this site will not tell you if you are absolutely getting one, you can see if there is at least some being shipped your way.  Technically, I think you could call UPS with the tracking number and ask them to verify the name/address of the recipient.  However, I’m just going to wait it out and hope that I get one.

How many Chrome OS notebooks are around you?

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  • When I first saw that only one unit had been shipped in my locale, I was honestly a bit disappointed.  However, your readers should not give up hope (yet), because as of right now, the site has only indexed slightly over 6,000 package shipments.  This is just over 10% of the estimated 60,000 units that are expected to ship in total.

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