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Well, that was quick.

If you’re one of the few, lucky Twitter users with access to the Twitter archives feature we covered earlier today, you can now import that archive into Timehop, a service that shows you what you posted on a number of social networks one year ago to the day. The one-year limit, of course, likely had more to do with Twitter’s 3,200 tweet history limit for users of its API, but it seems that Timehop now has a way around that thanks to the archives feature.

As a user of the service, it’s neat to catch a glimpse of what I was doing or what I was talking about exactly one year ago. An email digest I received yesterday made it pretty obvious that December 18, 2011 was a Sunday, as I seem to have spent the day complaining about my fantasy football players. One year ago today, on a Monday night, Joe Flacco was sporting a ridiculous looking mustache that was clearly inspired by White Goodman from Dodgeball. These are small memories that weren’t significant enough to remember a year later, but thanks to Timehop, I was able to relive them and enjoy a laugh or two.

Scenarios like this one are the reason that Twitter users wanted access to all of their tweets. Sure, a large amount of them may mean absolutely nothing, but there are undoubtedly some gems in everybody’s tweet archive. Maybe a night out where you tweeted something you shouldn’t have, or an inside joke you tweeted that you’ve completely forgotten about. Now that Timehop has access to more than just the past couple thousand updates, you might now be able to see what you were tweeting two, three, four, or even five years ago on this day. In this sense, Twitter is no longer a communications medium, but instead becomes a diary of your daily musings; a diary that reminds you about what you wrote in the past, every single day.

I’m still waiting (still) to gain access to the Twitter archive feature, but rest assured that, when I do, I’ll be uploading my archive to Timehop so that I can read those regrettable things I tweeted during college. Will you be uploading your archive to Timehop?

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