People are just loving Pokémon Go. Since its release late last week, the game has captivated nearly everyone (including myself) and has gotten kids to go explore the great outdoors instead of sit home on the couch playing video games. That’s a feat in and of itself! But just how captivating is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go screenshots.
Pokémon Go screenshots.

According to data from SimilarWeb as shown in the graph below, people are spending on average a full 13 minutes longer in Pokémon Go than WhatsApp. Pokémon Go also beats out Instagram, Snapchat, and Messenger in time spent in app. Now will this trend continue? It’s hard to know for sure, but what is clear is that the Pokémon brand is definitely still very strong 20 years after its inception.

Personally, I think Pokémon Go can continue to see success long-term but continued updates and developments need to occur in order to keep people’s interest. And the updates/improvements need to be released regularly.

What do you think? Is Pokémon Go here to stay or is it a fad?

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