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Last Friday I was invited to visit the Intel Experience Store in New York City prior to it opening to the public on Saturday (November 23).  The store which is located at 262 Mott Street, between E. Houston and Prince Streets in NYC is a place for Intel to showcase some of its technology, while giving back to the community.  They have partnered with several local businesses in the area an in effort to promote and give back, for example, if you visit the Intel Experience Store in the morning, they will be serving coffee from the local coffee shop.

This Intel store isn’t necessarily about selling products, though I assume that is the ultimate endgame, but using the power behind the global Intel brand to give back.  In addition to partnering with local businesses, Intel will be donating money to local schools if people bring in their old personal electronics (those electronics may be used by the way to create cool inventions like robots right at the store).

So what will you find at the Intel Experience Store?  Well, you won’t find processors and motherboards, but rather, tablets and laptops that use Intel technology.  You can play with the gadgets all you want and can even bring them home for 24-hours free of charge (credit card is required to be on file just in case you don’t come back).  The store changes throughout the day too, different lighting and setups are put in place depending on the time of day.  The stores will also be holding different activities, like game night, sports night, etc.

It’s a pretty neat store.  They also have opened Intel Experience Stores in Chicago and Los Angeles.  The pop-up stores will be open until the end of January.  You can a watch a video I took (with Google Glass) at the store below to get a better feel for it.


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