Welcome to TechieBytes episode 56 titled The explosion of the sharing economy (feat. Eric Shoup)

Today I’m speaking with Eric Shoup, CEO at Peerspace, a marketplace for meetings, co-working, events, and more. We discuss the explosion of the sharing economy, the recent troubles at WeWork and how Peerspace has avoided falling into the same trap, as well as Eric’s experience as a first-time CEO.

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Eric Shoup, CEO of Peerspace, a Google Venture-backed marketplace for meetings, co-working, events, and more. This year Peerspace has pursued an aggressive national expansion – and their business model is working and is sustainable. Peerspace specializes in allowing people to find underutilized, inspiring existing spaces – while allowing property owners (mostly small business owners) to generate more income from their spaces to support their artistic endeavors, business and more.

Peerspace Stats October 2019

  • 1000’s of bookings from companies including Tesla, AirBnb, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, LinkedIn, Target, Wells Fargo, Buzzfeed, AT&T, Apple, WeWork (corporate internal), NYU and Uber
  • A majority of Peerspace venues are hosted by existing small businesses (helping them generate supplemental income from their existing space)
  • Peerspace attracts corporate customers, giving business to small business owners
  • Over 14,000 spaces across the U.S.
  • Over 3.1 million Peerspace attendees

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