Working in the tech industry provides unique benefits that you can’t experience from other industries. Having a job and building a career in the tech industry allows you to enjoy flexibility, high-paying salary, work-life balance, and a decent working environment. Working in this industry can also become your platform to discover new aptitude and professional skills.

When you work in the tech industry, you can experience all of these things and more. But, before you start your job search, it’s important to narrow down your options first. The tech industry offers countless job opportunities, and not knowing your desired career will make it hard for you to land a job or manage your tech salary expectations. How can you look for job openings if you don’t know what your options are?

For you to increase your chances of landing a job in the tech industry, start researching the following career options:

1.  Artificial Intelligence Engineer

For individuals who have good analytical skills and are keen to details, working as an artificial intelligence engineer is a great option. With this career, you are expected to coordinate between different business analysts and data scientists, automate infrastructure used by a data science team, and convert several types of machine learning models so other applications used by your clients can be synced easily. 

If you want to be a successful artificial intelligence engineer, you should have in-depth training and experience in software design, debugging, and documentation. Soft skills, such as teamwork and communication, are also essential for this career.

An artificial intelligence engineer often works in manufacturing companies or private organizations that are involved in software publishing and application development.

2.  Computer Systems Engineer

The main responsibility of a computer systems engineer is to ensure that all of the computer systems in a specific organization remain functional and continue to meet the demands of its users. Some computer systems engineers work freelance and offer their services remotely, while some are working in-house for a particular organization.

For you to qualify as a computer systems engineer, you should have at least a degree in computer science and have proven experience in installing and configuring different operating systems, such as Linux. 

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When working as a computer systems engineer, experience with monitoring systems and automation software is also a must.

3.  Database Administrator

The primary job of a database administrator is to ensure that data is always available when needed and protected from any type of corruption or loss. Most of the clients you will have when you work as a database administrator are business owners who regularly use a large network of software for its operations.

As a database administrator, you will also be responsible for software installation and maintenance, data extraction and loading, database backup, and recovery, and data handling. This job will also require you to determine the potential risks of your client’s current database software, then offer solutions that can minimize or deplete these risks. As a database administrator, capacity planning, performance monitoring, and database tuning are part of your daily responsibilities.

If you have excellent analytical, negotiation, and problem-solving skills, flexibility, adaptability, and ability to create and maintain strong and healthy relationships among colleagues, you can easily land a job as a database administrator. 

Since the tech-industry is fast-paced and changes regularly, having the willingness to stay up-to-date with innovations is also necessary for this career.

4.  Information Security Analyst

Technology has made lives easier for everyone, but it is also because of technology that scammers have become more prevalent. The accessibility that the internet provides makes it very easy for scammers to hack into any system and steal information. This problem can cost millions of dollars to a business or individual. In worse cases, it can become the reason why a business will be short-lived.

An information security analyst prevents these situations from happening. When you work as one, you will be expected to design and implement different IT security systems that can protect your client’s information and networks from cyber-attacks. If you work for a large organization, you will also have to come up with the best practices for IT security.

Moreover, an information security analyst will also have to install and operate software, upgrade systems to improve online security measures, and perform penetration testing.

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If you want to become an information security analyst, you should have in-depth experience in information technology and proficient in different operating systems. The ability to identify network vulnerabilities, understand patch management, and knowledge on antivirus concepts are also necessary for this career.

5.  Game Developer

As the name suggests, game developers work by developing and creating games and other associated applications. 

As technology continues to change the business arena, game developers are becoming more and more in-demand today. You will have the opportunity to work in different industries and organizations when you decide to work as a games developer – you can get paid by working in small-scale businesses and international organizations. You also make money as a game developer by working as a freelancer and offering your services to individuals who want to provide unique games to their target audience. 

Some of the duties you will have when you work as a game developer are to try out games before releasing it to the market, design games that are free from any errors, determine technical requirements of the games, and update games whenever necessary. Some clients will also ask you to solve code problems and create back up files of the current games they are offering to the market. 

For you to become a successful game developer, having a bachelor’s degree in website design and computer technology is not enough. You should also have a portfolio that highlights your skills and experience in the fundamentals of design imaging, animation, and multimedia design.

Conclusion: knowledge is power

The tech industry is vast, and it’ll be challenging for you to make a name if you don’t know what you want in the first place. Research about the career options listed in this article and look for ones that suit your interest or skills. 

Having in-depth information about the tech career you want to have will make it very easy for you to prepare for it – from the application to your first day at the job! 

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