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While everyone might know what YouTube is, how to market your brand on the platform is a whole different story. How do you become successful on YouTube?

YouTube can be difficult to master, but it’s one of the easiest and most shareable content platforms for your audience to connect and spread the news of what you’re creating. Compared to all other social media platforms, YouTube is the one company that aims to put creators first. YouTube doesn’t just give you another social media platform to explore; it gives your brand’s supporters a unique experience that no other brand has. While yes, some brands might be using YouTube as well, but no matter what they’re doing with the content, your content will be unique to you and your brand. According to Bluleadz: They say that there are about 1 billion creators on the YouTube platform, that number is stunning when you think about it. They also go on to say that viewers have increased by fifty percent as well. That just goes to show you the sheer amount of potential there is when it comes to monetizing your brand in the most user-friendly way.

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Below we’ve compiled a list of seven tips that will help you become successful on YouTube if executed well.

Marketing Strategies You Need To Know

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In this guide, we’ve curated the most important steps you need to know when exposing your brand to the marketable world of YouTube. While it might not always be a smooth ride, the results will be worth it. Not only will you be able to form a unique connection with your supporters and customers, but you’ll also be able to create on a much larger scale without extensive out of pocket costs. Allowing you and your brand to reach new limits of interaction and creativity that will reflect in a positive light on your brand. With new ways of forming connections within technology today, your brand will need to learn how to adapt seamlessly. While it sounds easy, it’s not always a piece of cake, but with this list, you’ll have the right tools to take your first steps forward. Social media marketing isn’t something to fear when it comes to YouTube, let’s embrace it together!

  1. Choose Your Direction

Whether you’re just starting a brand or you already have a developed platform in place, when you branch out to YouTube, one of the most important elements to keep in mind is none other than your brand. Your brand is who you are and what you’re presenting to the world. By having a concise idea of what your brand means to you is your first step to figuring out how to successfully market your video content. Brainstorm what you feel makes your brand stand out from the rest, use this list to develop ways to expand your industry. This way you’ll have a confident sense of who your audience will be and what direction for the brand as a whole will turn out most beneficial.

  1. Be Everywhere

When starting out on YouTube, you might notice that it can be hard to reach a solid fanbase right away. It’s important to remember that it takes time, but there is a way to boost the speed of that time so you can get more sooner: social media. By sharing your videos on other social media and paying attention to hashtags and keywords, you’ll bring in more and more people to watch your videos. If they end up liking your videos, you’re most likely going to have one more subscriber you wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for other social media platforms.

  1. Collaborate

When starting out on YouTube, to say the least, it can be daunting. But you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to other creators who make similarly themed content and ask for collaboration.  Not only will you be building your network, but you’ll also have connections you can go to for advice. It’s important to not focus on the monetary gain from collaboration; it should also be fun and an experience that helps you learn more about you and your brand. When you’re collaborating with another creator, you’re essentially boosting both of your social media marketing journeys. Expect to be turned down, that’s just a part of the risk when reaching out to other brands, this shouldn’t crush your spirits because soon enough you will find your community of support through creators on the platform.

  1. Quality Content

Everything from keywords to your thumbnail is extremely important when it comes to making a successful YouTube video. A great rule of thumb to follow is the idea of quality over quantity. You don’t want your thumbnails to be too busy so that they can’t be understood since they will be shrunken in size. You also don’t want your video titles to be too long and full of clickbait.  Stay honest and present facts that will be interesting to your viewers. Entice the viewers with a taste of what the video will be like and use the tools offered to you on YouTube to make that happen. The more simple you go, the more clicks and interaction you’ll get. The more chaotic you are, the less engagement you’ll receive because it’s not presented as quick, easy, or fresh content.

  1. Know Your Audience

Your audience has needs, and no two audiences are alike. This group of people that have started to follow your content, these are individuals that are interested in what you have to say. You need to be able to give them what they came for, while also being able to stay true to your brand. Finding that healthy balance between what your brand needs and what the audience wants is key to maximizing how you market your content. By using YouTube as a social media marketing tool, you’re connecting with the people who support you, while also growing your brand.

  1. Reach Out

Even though publishing a YouTube video is online, there are some advanced sales techniques you should put some leg work into. Whether you’re reaching out to your brand’s customers or friends, share your videos and encourage people to check them out. If you recently talked to a customer about a specific idea and you created a video similar to topics brought up in your conversation, link it to them!  This kind of door-to-door method can be used when it comes to reaching out to other media outlets as well. Request interviews or features from magazine platforms that publish work in the same industry as you. This is a key way to reach out to the community and to build your audience quickly.

  1. Call To Action

Just as if you were writing a blog post, it’s important to engage with your audience in any medium. This includes videos!  Reach out during your video to engage with your viewers, ask questions, encourage them to get involved and voice their opinions in the comment section. When you include a small call to action in your video, this would also be a great time to request that people like, comment, and subscribe to your channel for more content. In many ways, YouTube videos work as a blog post. They need to have a purpose, have a beginning, middle, and end, and of course a call to action!


YouTube is one of the most powerful tools in marketing, yet due to how intense it can be, content creating is not always something brands jump into. We want to encourage that you get out of your comfort zone and you go for it. YouTube will boost the growth of your brand simply because of how hands-on the content can be. There is a sea of endless opportunity you can potentially take advantage of when it comes to video content. This article is focused on YouTube Marketing, but there is so much more to the marketing aspect than numbers and clicks. When you want to successfully market your brand on any platform, it’s about forming that lasting connection of trust with your customers and viewers. Which is what YouTube has strived to do for its creators.

YouTube is not an overnight process.  Even if your content is of the highest quality, it can be hard to get your foot in the door. But the most important key to remember, especially when you’re first starting out, is that persistence is the key when it comes to YouTube. If you stick with it and keep experimenting with ways to get a response from individuals that want to go out of their way to support you, you’ll, sure enough, find a niche where your brand will make a difference.

What tips will you be applying to your YouTube channel?

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