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Windows 8 Will Impact Microsoft’s Presence Even Outside of the Desktop

Considering Microsoft’s on-off history with releasing successful operating systems it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Microsoft’s success with the Windows platform from here on out (in a world where Apple is thriving and consumer-focused Linux distributions are popping up like advertisements for Internet Explorer users) rests on their ability to make another successful release this time around.  Of course, I’m pretty impressed with Windows 7 as it is and believe that Microsoft has made a very solid comeback after the miserable failure that was Windows Visa, but when it comes down to it Microsoft is really facing quite a bit of competition now and in order to hold its position as a driving force in the software industry they’re going to not only meet the current standards in operating systems but rather blow everyone away.

As simple of a concept as this is, I recently read a very interesting and thought-provoking article on ComputerWorld that discusses how Windows 8 will affect Microsoft’s Windows Phone line; a mobile operating system that despite being incredibly promising simply hasn’t gotten the traction in the mobile industry that we’ve seen with Apple’s iPhone and iOS or Google’s Android mobile operating system.  So the question is poised; will Windows 8 help Windows Phone’s presence in the mobile industry.

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2012: The Beginning of the End for Traditional Computers

IDC, a well-known and trusted data analysis firm has recently gathered enough evidence that they say concludes the prediction that the production and sales of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers will surpass that of traditional computers in 2012 – and even as soon as 2011.

A similar conclusion drawn by marketing firm Gartner late last month stated that the mobile market was going to expand at higher rates than the PC market, meaning that the sales of mobile devices would have a higher increase than that of computer sales.  However, Gratner’s statement wasn’t as bold in stating that the market for mobile computers would grow to surpass traditional desktops and laptops.

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