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Hopper Actually Won CNET’s ‘Best in Show’ Award

A big tech story at the end of last week involved CNET and Dish Network, which showed off its commercial-skipping Hopper device at CES. The Hopper received rave reviews from CNET writers and was accepted into the site’s “Best of CES” category. And then it wasn’t. In the blink of an eye, the Hopper was removed, and in its place stood a disclaimer that CNET would not cover the Hopper due to ongoing litigation between Dish and CNET’s parent company, CBS.

According to the Verge, however, that’s not all there is to the story. The Hopper wasn’t just a “Best of CES” product; it had actually won “Best in Show.”

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Vizio to Venture into Mobile Industry

When the craze for high-definition television programming first started to become mainstream, users were in search of a solution that would allow them to keep up to date with the latest must-have without shelling out a great deal of cash to do so.  However, there was somewhat of a void in the television market for a company that produced lower-priced HD entertainment.  This gap was ultimately filled by Vizio; a company that has become well-known for quality HDTV systems at prices that were once unheard of.  Now, after penetrating the HD market, Vizio is looking to widen its horizons and venture into the newest emerging market out there: the mobile market.

In less than three weeks, Vizio is expected to debut a new line of mobile products at the Consumer Electronics Show.  These Android-based products, which will include cell-phone and tablet-computer devices, would be a direct competition to the success already seen by Apple’s iPhone and iPad products.  While Vizio is definitely not the only company looking to grasp onto the mobile industry, there are a few key components that could help the discount electronics company.

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