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Here we go again…  Microsoft has released its brand new commercial for the Surface Pro, which is the Microsoft Surface tablet that runs the full version of Windows as opposed to the Surface RT which runs Windows RT.  I’ll jump right to the point: the Surface Pro commercial is beyond terrible.  It features people dancing around in an office-like setting, drawing circles and check marks on what appear to be documents.

Just as I stated with my previous post on the why the Surface RT commercial sucked, this commercial doesn’t show off any of the potential of the Surface Pro.  If I were to guess based on the commercial, the Surface Pro would make me a slightly better dancer.  The Surface Pro is supposed to be a real computer that you can do work on, and you sure don’t get that vibe from this commercial.

Look at any iPad commercial as of late, they feature all of the great things you can do with the device.  I’m surprised Microsoft hasn’t taken a similar approach, because these silly commercials won’t help drive the sales of average consumers.

Additionally, the commercial doesn’t do anything to differentiate the Surface Pro from the Surface RT.  Watching this commercial alone, you would never know the Surface Pro can run full Windows applications and that’s a real shame.  It’s definitely something Microsoft should have focused on.

What do you think of the commercial?

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