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People and businesses are constantly bombarded with data, the problem is, the data is all over the place.  You have data from services like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, YouTube, Shopify, PayPal, Braintree, Google Adwords, and the list goes on and on, but up until recently, there hasn’t been a way to bring all of that data together in a single interface where it can be compared and analyzed.  Enter SumAll, a new tool that lets you easily compare several datasets over time.

SumAll, a two year old company, has already signed up over 30,000 customers within its first year and is tracking over a half-trillion impressions.  “The real measure of success is the amount of advocacy you get from your audience.  There is a tight correlation between that and real value,” said Dane Atkinson, CEO of SumAll.  And that appears to be the case, as many companies are using SumAll to do all sorts of things, including determining the value of users and figuring out how much a Facebook “Like” is worth.  The idea being that once you can see all of the data in one place, you can see the results from particular campaigns, draw correlations, and see where the impact is taking place.

One company in particular, In God We Trust, a jewelry boutique with a store in SoHo, utilizes SumAll to track of its data.  The boutique has a fairly large online sales business and have found that their traffic is worth 80 to 90 cents, while Facebook “Likes” are worth $1.30.  Armed with that knowledge, they were then able to deploy their marketing and social teams to optimize their campaigns.  By leveraging the data, In God We Trust has increased its revenue by more than 100 percent.  That’s not too shabby.


Right now, SumAll has support for 18 platforms, however, will be rolling out support for a handful more sometime next week.  The new additions include WordPress, Bitly, Basecamp, and Google AdSense.  I’m really excited for those additions, particularly WordPress, Bitly, and AdSense.

The AdSense integration will allow you to tell if the number of ads displayed on your site are matching the number of requests, the Bitly integration will allow you to easily track the number of clicks and shares your links receive, and the WordPress integration will make it super easy to see which posts are engaging your audience.

SumAll is a super helpful data analytics tool that can provide worthwhile insights into your business, I would highly recommend you give it a spin.

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