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Lately all the talk has surrounded the impending reveal of the Samsung Galaxy S5, and the Apple iPhone 6—but that doesn’t mean other OEMs aren’t working on their own flashy handsets too. Case in point: HTC will reveal its next flagship smartphone, a successor to the HTC One, at simultaneous events in New York City and London on March 25.

A post on CNET has the scoop, claiming it has confirmed the event with representatives from HTC, and that invitations are being sent out to members of the press right now. While it’s not clear what shape the HTC One-Two (that’s a fun name) will take, but it seems clear that it’ll run the latest version of Android 4.4 (KitKat) and will likely outpace all of the hardware specs of its predecessor. That probably means a CPU faster than 1.7 GHz, more than 2 GB of RAM, and at least 32 GB of onboard internal memory. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a beefier camera in there to boot, since the HTC One only sports a 4 megapixel camera.

And that isn’t the only bit of HTC-centric news to hit the web today. The company announced via press release that it’s launching the HTC Advantage initiative, which will look to give more value to its customers. What does that entail?

For starters, HTC Advantage will provide one-time coverage and replacement for any cracked screens on their phones within the first six months of purchase. While that’s nice and all, I’ve owned smartphones for years, and I’ve never once cracked the screen. But then, I suppose maybe I’m just super careful.

Better than that, HTC Advantage says it’s committing to Android updates, saying that the company “aspires to lead the industry in Android update delivery for the HTC One smartphone,” and claiming that it was the first smartphone maker not owned by Google to roll out updates to KitKat for its handsets. Finally, HTC Advantage will also offer up 25GB – 50GB of free online cloud storage for its customers.

Will the HTC Advantage program—combined with the successor to the HTC One—be enough to get more customers interested in what the tech company has to offer? Or will it simply be overshadowed by the behemoths of Samsung and Apple when they unleash their beasts this year?

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