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A new report by The Wall Street Journal is saying that Square’s COO, Keith Rabois resigned from the company yesterday due to sexual harassment claims made by a Square employee.

The article reports that a New York attorney, Steven Berger, who represents a Square employee, reached out to the San Francisco-based company two weeks ago, alleging that Mr. Rabois had sexually harassed the employee and that Square failed to take appropriate action, said the company.

Additionally, it appears that Keith Rabois wasn’t even aware of the allegations against him.

According to Mr. Rabois, he wasn’t aware of any sexual harassment issues at Square, involving him or other employees, until then. He said he resigned in order to not cause a distraction for the company.

We’ll have more on this story as it develops.

(Via WSJ.)

Update 1: Kara Swisher is currently meeting with Keith Rabois to talk about these allegations against him. It appears that this situation is even more complex than one would imagine. What it boils down to is a complicated personal relationship that went very sour. You can read his full statement at AllThingsD.


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