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Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few decades, then you are wired in. Everyone is connected to the internet, kids and adults alike. And why not? It literally has everything you could ask for. News articles, entertainment, pop culture, movies, the internet is an almost infinite amount of data at our fingertips. With the evolution of connectivity, not only have people become more connected, but so have our devices. While our homes used to just have PCs, now they are filled with connected smart devices for our connected smart homes. Thermostats and even light bulbs are now connected to the internet.

While all this connectivity makes our lives much easier, it also raises security concerns. As we become more wired as a society, hackers and people looking to exploit the internet to do harm have more access. Many individuals employ simple anti-virus and anti-malware programs in an attempt to mitigate viruses and malware picked up from time spent online. However, the software needs to be installed on each device and computer savvy hackers are able to bypass many of the protocols.

In addition to hackers, there is a myriad of unfiltered and inappropriate content that makes its way to a lot of children who use the internet for homework. One company believes that they have found a simple yet all encompassing solution to protect your home network. Enter Gryphon.

Gryphon smartphone app.
Gryphon smartphone app.

Gryphon is a high performance WiFi router and smartphone app designed for easy management of the internet at home. The Gryphon Router is the gatekeeper and protector at the entry point of your network and automatically detects when unwanted devices or software have accessed the network. One of the key components of Gryphon’s technology, according to the company, is the smart deep learning AI implemented in the router. Using sophisticated algorithms, the router constantly syncs with Kaspersky’s threat database, to stay current with online security. In addition, Gryphon can automatically identify all devices via secure bluetooth without any additional software needing to be downloaded.

The company states that Gryphon allows parents to take a more active role in protecting their children from various threats online. It allows them to easily customize the online experience for themselves and their family, placing secure limits on websites, monitor browsing history, and setting specific times for devices to have connectivity. Parents can also monitor site access requests from their children directly on their smartphones as the requests are made. This is a useful feature for parents who are not particularly tech savvy.

Gryphon presents an interesting combo, that melds the security typically found on individual devices right into the WiFi router itself. The company is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, and while Gryphon has reached its initial goal, the market has many solutions for internet management and security that are available in stores now. Gryphon still has some time before it hits the market and consumers will be able to use it in their homes. As the company has another 23 days to go on its campaign, time will tell if Gryphon is the next evolution in internet security.


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