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In today’s episode of “How Not To Do Marketing” Samsung will show us how to waste your marketing budget on an embarrassing stunt as well as how to target the completely wrong customers. Earlier today at Apple’s flagship store in London on Regents Street, Samsung’s street team assembled alongside the hundreds of Apple fans who were there waiting in line to get their hands on the brand new iPhone 6s.

The reason Samsung was there? To try and convert Apple fans into Samsung / Android fans by handing out freebies such as pillows, blankets, and water bottles branded with the company’s latest hashtag campaign: #NextIsNew.


Those signs read: “The itch to switch just got bigger.”

Good luck, Samsung. Really, you need it. Anyone who is lined up for an iPhone launch is certainly not feeling the “itch to switch.”

Whatever agency came up with this stunt should be fired, immediately. It hurts, not helps the Samsung brand.

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