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Samsung just released some details about the number of Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatches that have been sold since its launch two months ago.  The number? 800,000.  The number is actually pretty impressive considering the not-so-great press and reviews the device received due to lack of features, bulkiness, and poor battery life.  Even Samsung appears to be surprised by Gear sales, which it says are better than its own expectations.

The company said it would also expand sales promotions for the wearable device during the crucial year-end holiday sales.  Samsung has already poured millions in marketing resources into the Gear with heavy advertisements (including a rather clever and well-done commercial — see video below) and collaborations with fashion shows to seize leadership in the wearable computer market.

The Gear is priced at $299 and offers a small OLED screen with basic functions like photos, hands-free calls, and message notifications.

I do have one problem with the 800,000 sales number though, Best Buy also reported that it is seeing a return rate of 30 percent for the Gear. There is no word if the 800,000 number includes returned devices or not. However, if you take that 30 percent return rate and apply it to the 800,000 sales number that would mean 240,000 of those were returned, leaving Samsung with 560,000 actual sales.

Update: Although Reuters reports the figure represents sales, Korean publication Yonhap claims Samsung is referring to shipments to retailers. Samsung Korea has confirmed in an email to The Verge that the figure relates to shipments as originally reported by Yonhap.


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