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I’ve written about Wix in the past, most recently reviewing the company’s latest feature called Wix Code which provides more advanced web design tools and functionality to their customers. Today, I’m reviewing another new feature from Wix, the Wix Logo Maker. The idea behind the Wix Logo Maker is simple, the company wants to offer people who may not otherwise have any design skills themselves or the ability to go out and hire a designer, a way to design a professional looking logo for a reasonable price.

How does Wix Logo Maker work?

With the Wix Logo Maker, the company has built an easy-to-use online logo maker that doesn’t even require the customer have any design background or capabilities. Once you get started with the logo maker, it will run you through four setup questions:

  1. What is the brand/company name (as well as a tagline if you have one/want it to appear in the logo)?
  2. What the logo is for (e.g. a tech blog, biotech startup, military school, etc)?
  3. What words best describe your brand (e.g. Modern, Fun, Playful, etc)?
  4. And finally, do you like any of these designs? Where it will show you a few different designs to try and learn what you like so it can recommend logos that you’ll hopefully think are good.

Question 4: which designs do you like?

Using Wix Logo Maker

Now that you have gone through the setup questions, Wix will take the information you provided and create a bunch of logo designs it thinks you may like (again, based on your input from before). In my case, I put in my brand/company as BestTechie, indicated my logo was for a tech blog, and told Wix that my brand should be described as Modern, Creative, and Fresh. I was then presented with a number of logo designs, a sample of which can be seen below.

A sampling of the logo designs for BestTechie created by Wix.

As I scrolled through the numerous options, I came to one that piqued my interest so I clicked on it. At that point, I was able to open up one of the pre-designed logos into the Wix Logo Maker editor where I could tweak the logo I selected in various ways. The editor is split into a few sections: Name, Tagline, Icon, Frame, and Palettes. The Name section easily allowed me to change the font, text size, color, opacity, letter spacing, and alignment. The Tagline section is essentially the same as the Name section but for the tagline text (if you chose to include some). The Icon section is pretty nifty, Wix has a ton of vector-based graphics that can be used in your logo (as a side note, I searched all different kinds of terms and Wix had some kind of relevant graphic for pretty much every search I did), from the Icon section you can easily replace the existing icon that Wix may have included with another. The Frame section lets you choose whether you want your logo to be in a square or circular frame. And finally, the Palettes section offers a number of complimentary color options that work well together for you to select from.

Wix Logo Maker editor feature.

You can also use the right and left arrows at the top of the editor to see how your logo could look on a website or on merchandise/swag, which is a nice touch.

After spending time playing with the editor, I ran into one key issue, or at least, I feel it’s an issue. Once you select one of the pre-designed logos by Wix and open it in the editor, you can’t move any of the elements around. For example, in the screenshot above, I couldn’t move the icon above the text “BestTechie” to the left-hand side of it. In order to get the icon on the left-hand side, I needed to go back to the page with all the designs, select a logo with the icon on the left-hand side and then change the font of the text and change the icon to the one I wanted. It would be nice if you could easily re-arrange the text and icon as you see fit within the logo editor. Additionally, it would be nice if you could use multiple colors for the text (e.g. Best one color and Techie another).

Ultimately I ended up with the following logo:

Logo for BestTechie designed with Wix Logo Maker.

I think that’s pretty cool looking, especially for minimal work on my part.

[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_2]

After you are happy with your masterpiece, click the download button in the top right of the page and you’ll have a few options:

  1. You can download a low resolution free sample to use (which I don’t recommend as it won’t scale well on advertisements, sites, business cards, etc).
  2. You can download what Wix calls a “Basic Logo” for $12.99 which includes high resolution image files (PNG files–5000 x 5000, black, white, and transparent backgrounds) and full commercial usage rights.
  3. You can download what Wix calls a “Professional Logo” for $49.99 which includes everything in the Basic Logo package plus Vector image (SVG) files (which are infinitely scalable), social media kit (40+ images designed specifically for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more), brand guide (includes your brand font and hex color code), and print ready logo files.

Personally, I’d recommend going with the Professional Logo package for $50 as it offers the most value and really everything you’ll need to successfully market your brand/company. If you do use Wix Logo Maker, the $50 investment will be well worth it (as compared to the other options).


Look, Wix Logo Maker won’t replace a real designer (at least, probably not anytime soon), but it is a solid solution for people who don’t know how to design themselves and/or cannot afford to hire a professional designer. Will you end up with a somewhat cliche logo design? You may, but in an effort to help avoid that, Wix offers the ability to modify and edit the logo, allowing you to add a little flare here and there.

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