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We are presently stepping on such an era of urbanization where your life is going to be more fast and mobile. So you definitely can’t ignore the necessity of a car anymore. Along with having an awesome automobile you have to ensure the security of your road support also. A car needs various types of monitoring, whether you are in the car or away from it.

Sometimes it is not possible for us to monitor the safety issues of the car in person. In this position, the automated car security systems are proved to be very useful. An automobile security system can help you out in several ways- from navigation the destination to parental control on your kids. Here we are going to review the vehicle security system of Raven, which is a leading brand in the field of security system providers.

What is Raven car security system

Whether you have a fancy car or a normal one, the security of your vehicle should be immensely important to you. Raven is a widely popular name in the domain of car security systems. Suppose you are lending your favorite car to your friend or your kid is taking the car for a long drive, Raven security can guarantee the safety of your automobile vastly in all these cases. Raven is not only just a security provider of your vehicle, but it can also offer a lot more than that. It can track the shortest path to reach your destination and also can record or capture the moments of your journey. Raven connected car device stays solely integrated with your smartphone so that you can get all the required updates on your device. It increases the popularity of the product a lot.

What can Raven connected car system offer

Raven is a multiple car system providers. It has the capability of furnishing your vehicle with a handful of different devices. It makes your wheels a cheerful entertainer as well as a flawless navigator. The services provided by Raven are-

  • Security- In spite of locking the vehicle in a safe parking space, car thefts are reportedly increasing these days. So you require a smart sensor system to alert you about any attempt of theft. Raven setup keeps your car packed with numerous sensors that can alert you whenever there is a threat of theft.
  • Navigation- There is an advanced navigation system in the cars specially modified by Raven. This particular service can be your ultimate assistant when driving on an unknown road. The screen of your wheels will show the various information about the route on which you are running.
  • Camera- Raven provides dash cameras to capture lovely moments on the way of your long drive. The shots of these cameras are very stable instead of the fact that it captures the frames in motion. The captured moments will be directly saved in your device.
  • Entertainment tools- Entertainment is a crucial factor in long journeys. Without a good jukebox, a trip becomes a boring one. Raven can play your favorite music to give you the taste of refreshment.
  • Internet connectivity- Raven can integrate with the wifi system of your car to provide a smooth internet connection in its devices. It is a plus point of using Raven security systems.
  • Maintenance- You might be spending a lot of bucks on the maintenance of your vehicle each year. With the use of Raven, you can cut down the cost extensively as it can give you a total check on the diagnostic errors of your car. Thus you can help yourself with the small problems of your car.

These are some miraculous facilities that you can access by getting your hand on the security system of Raven.

Special features of Raven

Raven has a bucket full of exclusive features that will astonish you with surety of cent percentage. The special features of Raven are-

  • You can keep an eye on your car from the handset. The application on your phone will be connected with the devices of the vehicle.
  • Overspeeding is a real issue these days and can draw a severe accident if the speed is not controlled properly. So you can keep a check on the speedometer of your wheels also.
  • Raven’s car cameras are night vision enabled. So you can check the activities of your car even if there is pitch-black darkness inside of your vehicle.
  • Whenever you are not on the steering, you can know about the expense of fuel from the settled devices of the Raven system.
  • The warning system of Raven car connection can make you aware when you have just speeded over a bumper unknowingly.

These are some attractive traits of the Raven car security system. It will assist you on your road journeys and will provide you safety and security on the road.

Drawbacks of Raven car connection system

Every single system on this earth has some drawbacks due to human errors. Raven security has a few disadvantages also which are not so noticeable at all.

  • The system is fully dependent on an internet connection. A feeble internet connection will slow down the workability of the system.
  • Too many devices will make your car extremely loaded with electronic components, it will create an extra load on the car battery.
  • The cameras may not work perfectly every time.
  • The total setup of the Raven car connection system takes a good amount of time to install.

In spite of having some of these disadvantages Raven car security system can be the ultimate companion of your car. So don’t hesitate and get your vehicle modified with Raven systems.

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