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One of the things I love most about my Android smartphone is its dropdown notification center. If I get an email, or miss a call, an app needs updating, or the Mets score, I’ll know about it via small icons on the top of my phone display. I can check them out, flick each one away with a finger, or just dismiss them all with ease. As it happens, Microsoft is said to be bringing the notification center it’s already put into Windows Phone 8.1 to the new version of Windows that will be unveiled on September 30 – said to be Windows 9.

According to a report from Neowin, the notification center will be accessed via the system tray, but unlike on the Windows Phone, it won’t take up the entirety of your screen when you access it. According to the post, it will live “in a small window in the bottom right corner of the desktop.”

The report continues:

“The size of the window right now is fixed and if you have a long list of notifications, you can scroll up and down; the current background of the window is white and has a very clean look to it.”

The addition of the notification center sounds like a solid way to help users get more out of their Windows experiences – especially after how cold Windows 8 seems to have left most users. Hopefully Microsoft will make sure that the notification center is the kind of user-friendly feature that brings more people around to Windows 9.

From what we know, this is but one change being made to the OS – we’ll also supposedly be seeing the return of the desktop Start Menu in the form of a mini Modern window, as well as the loss of the Charms Bar. While the preview is slated for this September, Windows 9 is said to be coming to PCs in early 2015.

[Source: Neowin]

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