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According to a new report out of Bloomberg today, smartphone maker HTC is working on a high definition, waterproof camera that will rival the GoPro, and will be aimed at “extreme sports” enthusiasts. The news is somewhat surprising considering the company’s seemingly singular focus on making smartphones, but then it might also signal a move into more categories in order to find more product successes.

The report offers some details, citing an unnamed “person familiar with the plans.” Apparently the new waterproof camera will feature an “ultra wide-angle lens,” a 16 megapixel sensor, and will “connect directly” to Android and iOS devices. That last point is interesting, considering HTC has been working pretty exclusively with Android and, to a lesser extent, Windows Phone devices.

As we heard earlier this week, HTC has a “double exposure” event lined up on October 8 in New York. The event, obviously, will have something to do with cameras, though it certainly seems smartphone camera related. Even still, the source cited in the post says that this camera, “as well as a new smartphone optimized for self-portrait photography, or selfies, may be unveiled” at the event.

Furthermore, this year’s release of the HTC One M8, and its emphasis on its photo taking abilities, shows that HTC is looking to earn some credibility in the world of mobile photography. Releasing a fancy, GoPro-like camera that’s cross-platform compatible would certainly do a lot to earn even more credibility in that arena.

Meanwhile, rumors are still swirling about HTC being behind Google’s next Nexus tablet. Between that, this camera, and whatever else we might see on October 8, 2014 might end up being a pretty interesting year for HTC.

Oh, and let’s not forget the recent rumors that it’s got a slick Android Wear smartwatch in the works, set for an early 2015 release. Very interesting, indeed.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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