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Sure, Apple set new records for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders. But what if you want to get your hands on the hottest Android handset to come down the pike in a few months? Motorola announced yesterday that it’ll start accepting pre-orders for the new Moto X starting Tuesday, September 16.

Of course, no matter how slick the Moto X is, it’s not as widely available as the new iPhone. According to Motorola, you can pre-order the Moto X from AT&T, or from Motorola directly. Obviously going with AT&T as a carrier will likely require starting or renewing a contract with the wireless provider, while you can buy an unlocked “Pure Edition” of the Moto X for $499.99.

If you decide to go with a Moto X from Motorola, you can also trade in your old handset for up to $300 on a Visa Prepaid Card. It should be noted, however, that you’ll likely only get that full value for the coolest of phones. So if you’ve got some junky old Samsung you don’t want anymore, don’t be surprised if all you get is about ten bucks.

The announcement also says that the Moto 360 smartwatch, arguably the buzziest and most popular Android Wear device to be released yet, will be back in stock starting tomorrow. If you tried to get your hands on one when it was released two Fridays ago, now’s your chance to try and order one. That said, you still might find yourself staring at a “backordered” page, as the announcement maintains that “quantities will be limited.”

Will you be pre-ordering a new Moto X? Or are you waiting to hear about the rumored Nexus 6, aka the Motorola Shamu, that’s supposed to be unveiled before too long? Let us know, Android fans.


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