The Future Of Malware/Spyware

Forget widespread easy to pick out attacks, the new and upcoming thing is targetted attacks. These targetted attacks are flying under the radar. Many home users become infected with malware, but what happens when corporations are targetted? I'm not talking about a virus that attacks the network and sends out mass emails. … [Read more...]

Will Windows Become A Thing Of The Past?

In the increasingly Google-YouTube-Web 2.0 age we inhabit, it's become fashionable to dismiss Windows as a relic.  In a few years from now where will we stand?  Will Microsoft still hold a large share of the market or will we have moved on to another type of OS and way in which we work with computers?  We'll have to find … [Read more...]

Firefox Zero-Day Bug Claim – False Alarm

A hacker who claimed to have found a serious zero-day bug in Firefox now says he was never able to exploit the supposed vulnerability to hijack computers. Read More... … [Read more...]

Windows Vista Will Lock You Out Of Your PC

Windows Vista will have new antipiracy technology that locks people out their PCs if the operating system isn't activated within 30 days after installation. If not activated after 30 days Vista will display four options. The first will allow the user to activate online, the second is to run in reduced functionality mode, … [Read more...]

Microsoft Releases Final Beta Version Of Vista

Microsoft has been recieving excellenet feedback with new Operating System (Vista) which is currently still in the late beta stages and have just released what they hope should be the final beta release of the OS. "Vista RC2 reflects that feedback and includes important improvements in performance, application … [Read more...]

So When Should Vista Be Released?

With Microsoft planning to release the final beta of Vista in October and with everything seeming to be coming together (performance, reliability and compatibility wise). Is it really in Microsofts best intrest to release Vista in November for businesses and then in January for the consumers? Read More... … [Read more...]

YouTube + Google = GoogleTube?

Analysts have been speculating what might happen if Google does buy YouTube - would Google have lawsuits coming at them left and right for copyright infringement and if they did would the search engine giant be able to win these lawsuits? Many online bloggers have commented with there views and for the most part, they're … [Read more...]

BestTechie Forums Approach 10,000 Threads!

As the BestTechie Forums approach a new milestone (10,000 threads), I would just like to take the time to thank everyone again who helps and contributes to the site. I'd like to thank each of my co-admins, moderators, and staff. Without you BT would not be where it is today. I'd also like to thank all the members, for … [Read more...]


If you like and you have your own website (big, medium, or small) help spread the word and link to us! You can use a text link or an image link both of which can be found here under the About Us page. If you don't have a website but would still like to promote the site you can as well! Tell your friends, … [Read more...]

PCButts1 – Back At It

PCButts1 is now at it again, you may have seen some of 'his' (and I use that word very loosely) software. PCButts1 has supposedly started taking software from the volunteers that work hard in the Anti-Malware community and removing their names from the tools they have created. Now, this wouldn't be the first time he has … [Read more...]

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