Windows vs Linux (The Security Wars)

Here's a good article that goes pretty in depth on the whole Windows vs Linux security topic. What I especially like about this article is that it's not biased to any one group, it's completely independent. So you'll get both sides of the story instead of just one or a side of the story that's a not … [Read more...]

Dual Monitors In Vista (Extend Your Desktop)

Recently I bought a second 19" wide screen monitor to go along with my current 19" wide screen monitor. They're both Acer Monitors. However, one is black and one is silver. I originally had the silver and when I went to buy the second one I couldn't find the silver one anywhere so I ended up having to get … [Read more...] – The Next Big Thing?

In the realm of the whole Web 2.0 thing, many new web sites have emerged. We have YouTube,,, and oh so many more. Now we have to add to the list. First off, what is Well, I've been playing with it for a bit and it's basically a "Live YouTube" - What I mean by … [Read more...]

The RIAA Collecting Royalties From Non-RIAA Artists?

Ok, I read this article. After I read it, I thought for a second or two - that's all it took. I then continued to say to myself "What the...". What exactly are they doing? And better yet, how can they get away with that? I'm all for supporting the artists. Hence why I have such a problem with this; I … [Read more...]

New Dedicated Server has been moved to a dedicated server. The host is located in Germany ( ). The specs are the following: Intel P4 1.6GHz 512MB RAM 80GB HDD 1000GB traffic We're running Lighttpd, not Apache so that will help keep loads down (less threads). Also, we're using … [Read more...]

HijackThis Sold To Trend Micro – The Future of HijackThis

As many of you probably have seen Trend Micro has released a public beta of HijackThis (beta version 2.00). Of course, everyone has their own opinion on this matter and about the future of this program. While HijackThis is a major factor in helping people rid their machines of malware one must remember that … [Read more...] Store!

The Store is now OPEN! The store is run through Amazon and all products come from I will updating the store's products often so make sure you keep checking for new products! Right now, we have Computers (hardware and OS'), Electronics (MP3 Players, Monitors, TVs, Game Consoles … [Read more...] Acquires Domains

I'd like to give a big thanks to Pierce (once again) for transferring over the following BestTechie domains to me: All of the above are now in the possession of - each … [Read more...]

Microsoft Vista Brute Force Keygen

Apparently the "Brute Force Keygen" for Windows Vista is a hoax so says the author of the application. While some users who used the keygen 'claim' it works, who's to know for sure? How does or did this keygen supposedly work? Well, it seems that the keygen would use Vista to check to see if the key is an … [Read more...]

Learn The Basic Unix Commands

Many people want to try Linux/Unix based Operating Systems, but a big problem that lies in front of them is being able to manage the OS and perform basic functions and operations. Well, fear not - I have found a nice article that is titled Learn Unix in 10 Minutes. Of course, it may take more than 10 … [Read more...]

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