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Ready for another Nintendo 3DS redesign? After the original, we got the 3DS XL and the 2DS. Now we’re getting another revamped 3DS and a model called the 3DS LL.

Both feature a brand new “c-stick,” which might please those who are missing a second analog stick on the system. The new models are also a bit larger and lighter than the previous incarnation of the 3DS, as well as the 3DS XL.3ds-new

According to The Next Web, the CPU will get a bump in power, though that is apparently to speed up the eShop — not so much for games. NFC will be built in to take advantage of Nintendo’s new Amiibo initiative. And take a look at those pretty buttons! On the base 3DS, the buttons will go full color, reaching back into Nintendo’s SNES days.

As far as that c-stick goes, it doesn’t look like the greatest thing to use. I’d much rather have a full circle pad that matches the one on the left. But beggars can’t be choosers. I’ll take the little nub of a c-stick, because the lack of one has hindered the camera experience in 3DS platform games ever since it launched.

Now maybe we’ll get to play some 3D games that aren’t awkward as hell to control.

Before you start throwing your money at the screen, I have some bad news — there isn’t a North American release date yet. Japan will get the new 3DS and 3DS LL on October 11, but us suckers in the West are left out in the cold for the time being.

I can’t imagine Nintendo won’t bring these to our shores at some point. After all, the company seems determined to make something out of Amiibo, and that means supporting it on more than the Wii U. Nintendo handheld owners have shown time and time again that they’re not averse to upgrading, especially if there are great new features to be had. Nintendo is likely betting that Amiibo will be one of those killer features.

Have some thoughts on the new 3DS and 3DS LL? Leave ’em below.

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