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If you’re looking to jump into the world of Android smartphones free of a contract, you’re not going to find a much better deal than the Google’s offering in the Play Store. As of tonight, both the 8 GB and 16 GB versions of the Nexus 4 have dropped in price by $100, to $199 and $249, respectively.

nexus-4That’s a pretty good price for a phone that still hangs pretty well with the newer phones of the day. The Nexus 4 packs a decent processor (the Snapdragon S4… Pro, baby) and 2 GB of RAM behind a 1280 x 768 display with a nice PPI count — 32o PPI, to be exact.

And, because you can buy it unlocked without having to sign up for a 2-year deal to subsidize the cost, you can take the device to any GSM carrier you want and avoid making a commitment you might regret later on.

So what’s behind the price drop? All signs point to a next-generation Nexus phone coming in the near future — one that Google plans to offer at the price points previously occupied by the Nexus 4. That would be $299 for an unlocked 8 GB version and $349 for a 16 GB model.

It’s not yet known which manufacturer will get the nod for a next-gen Nexus 4, but the two favorites at this point have to be LG (which handled the Nexus 4) and Motorola, which is owned by Google.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Nexus 4 price drop lines up with the price of Apple’s rumored iPhone 5C, which is said to be a low-cost device aimed at a less premium market than the iPhone 5S. Could we have a low-cost smartphone war on our hands between Apple and Google? We might find out when September 10 rolls around.

(h/t SlashGear)


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