New PlayStation 4 Could Come in November and Feature Phone Control

Gaming blog Kotaku got its hands on some new PlayStation 4 information via its sources, and if these tidbits wind up being true, Sony could have quite the intriguing console on its hands.

According to the sources, the PlayStation 4 will hit the U.S. in November of this year. A new feature not previously mentioned in other reports or leaks was phone control, which would work in a similar way as the Xbox’s smartglass feature. You’ll be able to navigate through your PS4, chat with online friends, and make digital game purchases using a smartphone or tablet.

A PlayStation Eye might also be included with every PlayStation 4, which will pack motion-sensing gaming right into the console. According to leaked rumors about the new Xbox, that console will also include Kinect-like features right out of the box. Competition could be close on this front. A spectating feature similar to the one offered by game streaming service OnLive may also be included, as well as local networking gaming through Sony’s portable Vita game system.

These features join the leaked images and info for the new PlayStation 4 controller, which looks similar to past controllers but now includes a touch pad and LED light. Sony is also said to be working online game streaming into the PS4, and many reports indicate that this is how the company plans to support backward compatibility with PlayStation 3 games.

There are supposedly two distinct SKUs for the PlayStation 4, though pricing won’t be announced until a later date. Leaked reports indicate that the consoles could come in at $429 and $549, though the prices are not set in stone.

We don’t have a lot of specifics on the hardware powering the PlayStation 4, but based on system features, the next generation console war could be neck and neck. Both Sony and Microsoft are adding new features to try and win the hearts, minds, and dollars of gamers looking to upgrade their systems. Regardless of who wins the console battle, gamers will benefit tremendously. Nintendo recently released its next-generation WiiU console, but early reports indicate that the console is not selling well.

Sony is set to host a special event tonight in New York City, where the PlayStation 4 will presumably be unveiled with greater detail. We’ll be watching closely, and will keep you up to speed on specifics of the system once we learn more from Sony itself. Until then, stay tuned.

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