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I know the week hasn’t started yet, but trust me, I just ruined your productivity for the entire work week. Thanks to a post on ProductHunt, I spent my weekend watching classic 90s TV shows and programming (commercials included)! So how do you watch things like Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Rocket Power, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and more? You head on over to My 90s TV.

Once you’re there you will be greeted with a big old silver glass screen TV. Then all you have to do hit that power button and kick back and watch. You can easily navigate through the different years with the timeline at the bottom and you can also change the channels. You can watch all different content (all of which is pulled from YouTube) from old cartoons, music videos, commercials, news casts, to even the Computer Bowl (yes, it was a real thing that I stumbled across).

I really enjoyed flipping through the channels of the different years. Another nice thing that the site does is tell you what you’re watching underneath the TV set — that’s how I found out I was watching the Computer Bowl. The Computer Bowl, by the way, because I know you are wondering was a competition amongst geeks (east coast vs west coast) to answer all different tech questions. I happened to be watching Computer Bowl X which took place in 1998 and it starred some big names in tech, including Marc Andreessen and Walt Mossberg.

Marc Andreessen in Computer Bowl X (West Coast)

Seeing this for the first time myself, I tweeted at Andreessen the now VC:

Apparently he does remember. And as you probably guessed, team west coast crushed team east coast. Sad times.

Walt Mossberg in Computer Bowl X (East Coast)
Walt Mossberg in Computer Bowl X (East Coast)

I should also note there is a My 80s TV and a My 70s TV as well (for those a little older than myself).

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