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In the wake of yesterday’s cool Windows 10 Continuum feature news from Microsoft Build, it might be interesting to find out as much about cool new Windows Phones as possible. After all, with Continuum, Windows Phones can become full Windows computers as long as they’re hooked up to a monitor and keyboard. As such, I’m very interested to learn that more evidence of a new Windows Phone from LG has popped up on the web.

WinBeta reported on the phone on Monday, having found listings for the device under LG’s Open Source Code Distribution. It seems to reveal two different LG-made Windows Phones currently in the testing phase:


We last heard about LG’s work on a new Windows Phone earlier this month, and this seems to confirm those rumors. While we don’t know enough about the alleged device to get too excited, the changes Microsoft seems to be bringing to Windows in general might be enough to pique tech fans’ interests. I know that I’m taking a closer look at Windows Phone as a platform, if for no other reason than to get the full Windows 10 experience when it rolls out this summer.

1_screen_shot_2015-04-15_at_1.19.58_pmConsidering the strides LG seems to be making in the Android world, one would hope they might offer similar care with the Windows Phone platform. That said, the utter lack of Windows Phone devices might not necessitate much in the way of effort on LG’s part. Since there so few Windows handsets out there already, LG doesn’t need to do much to stand out from the pack in terms of specs and design.

I’m hoping this all changes. I still have my problems with the tiled UI that Microsoft seems intent on pushing when it comes to the Windows Phone. But I think that it’s got big potential as a rival to Google and Apple in the mobile sphere, despite the very small dent it’s made in the market.

It might all change this year with the impending release of Windows 10. If the OS turns out to be as good as it looks, there might be a lot more attention on Microsoft’s mobile platform than there has been in years past. And more competition means more innovation—which means cooler stuff for us to enjoy.

[Source: WinBeta]

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