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If you’re the kind of person who likes taking risks when he browses the web, then Microsoft has got good news for you. Today, the company announced the Internet Explorer Developer Channel, the place to go for developers and early adopters to try out the latest and greatest advancements on Microsoft’s flagship web browser.

On the company’s blog, Microsoft unveiled the new initiative, which seems analogous to similar developer-focused programs from its browser rivals – like, say, Google’s Chrome.

Says the post:

“Today we’re excited to announce the release of the Internet Explorer Developer Channel, a fully functioning browser designed to give Web developers and early adopters a sneak peek at the Web platform features we’re working on. The Developer Channel is available for download today for both Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1 customers running Internet Explorer 11.”

Developers in particular will enjoy all that IEDC has to offer, including “an enhanced debugging experience” and “richer analysis capabilities throughout the Memory and UI Responsiveness profilers.” In short, developers looking to see how their in-browser apps work will get the opportunity to test things out with less hassle than before.

Another interesting new add comes from the ability to use an Xbox 360 controller for in-browser gaming. That ain’t bad at all.

I’ve been using IE a little bit more lately, and I’m starting to think about switching away from Chrome and back to that. I have no idea how long that impulse will last, but it’s something I’m thinking about as I immerse myself more fully into the world of Windows. And who knows? Maybe I’ll even take the plunge on a Windows Phone before the year is up. Anything’s possible.


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