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Apparently the “Brute Force Keygen” for Windows Vista is a hoax so says the author of the application. While some users who used the keygen ‘claim’ it works, who’s to know for sure? How does or did this keygen supposedly work? Well, it seems that the keygen would use Vista to check to see if the key is an acceptable key. Once it is considered to be acceptable you would try and activate Windows. From what I have seen some reputable sources say it works. The only reason I can see as to why the author would come out and say it’s a hoax and it really doesn’t work is to keep himself ‘safe’.

There are many court cases that are going on now or were sometime recently that have put many crackers and malicious software writers in jail or have been slapped with huge fines. In any case, let’s say he (the author) is telling the truth and it really doesn’t work – why so much publicity from news sites? I mean, really, it’s like they were suggesting you use this approach instead of actually going out and buying Microsoft’s newest OS (Windows Vista). It just strikes me as odd as they would make such a big deal about something such as this.

And yes, I realize I just blogged about the topic as well, but I couldn’t help myself.


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