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Computer makers will be able to sell XP Home on new ULCPC (Ultra Low Cost PC’s) machines such as Asus’ EEE through June 30, 2010, or one year after the launch of Windows 7, the next major release of Windows, whichever is later, Microsoft said.

This extension of sales is now the second time Microsoft has extended the sale of Windows XP. Originally supposed to stop being sold in January 2008, which was extended to June 2008 and now June 2010.

So what does this mean to the consumer? Well, really, it doesn’t mean much unless you buy a low-end PC that really cannot support Windows Vista. Microsoft will provide mainstream (free) support for Windows XP until April 14, 2009. Extended support (free for security fixes and paid for other help) ends in 2014 (April 8th). Obviously, Windows Vista has not been selling as well as I’m sure Microsoft had hoped. However, I have been using Vista since the very beginning and I think it works very well and in many cases out preforms XP. I do, however, realize that a number of people do experience issues with Windows Vista. That being said, I am very interested in what Windows 7 will bring to the table.

If you’re interested in reading a bit about Windows 7 check out this write-up.

Do you plan to continue to use Windows XP until it is no longer supported? Leave a comment!


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