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In a tweet posted yesterday by Kim Dotcom himself, he shared a screenshot showing just how popular his new Mega service already is. Using, a well-known site that ranks website traffic, he compared his new site to and — the results? Dotcom’s new site has already surpassed both of the other sites in terms of traffic within 24 hours of launching.

That’s incredible.

The is currently ranked as the 141st most popular site online. Now the real question is how many of these users will cough up the extra cash and pay for monthly subscriptions to the new Mega service? If the number of people who becoming paying subscribers is anywhere near that of the number who paid for MegaUpload, Dotcom should be a very happy man.

On another note, Mega recently faced some criticisms from people who say that Mega isn’t as secure as it claims. To address these claims, Kim Dotcom took to the Mega blog with an extensive post outlining the security in place on the site. He also tweeted that there’s plans to offer cash prizes to people who take part in an “encryption challenge” that is coming soon.

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