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Big day for fans of HiFi audio company Master & Dynamic, today, the company is releasing a brand new set of wireless on-ear headphones dubbed the MW50’s. As you may know, I recently had the chance to review a pair of Master & Dynamic’s new ME03 earphones and they did impress. I’m excited to get my hands on the new MW50 wireless headphones for review, but in the mean time, if you’re interested here are some of the product highlights:

The MW50 headphones sport 16 hour battery life–that’s impressive–and a quick charge USB C port. But what if you happen to forget to charge them or you’re unable to? Well, they also come with a heavy duty woven headphone cable and can be plugged directly into your audio device. I like that. Another stand out feature of these headphones is the fact they can operate up to 100 feet from your device over Bluetooth thanks to patent pending antenna magic.

They are also 30 percent smaller than the Master & Dynamic MW60 headphones and like the MW60’s, they sport a microphone so you can also use them to talk on the phone or to Siri (or another personal assistant). Additionally, the MW50 headphones have audio controllers built directly onto the side of the headphones for easy access.


The Master & Dynamic MW50 headphones are available in silver metal and with the option of brown or black leather and retail for $449.


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