Kim Dotcom just launched his new file storage service Mega on the one-year anniversary of Megaupload’s takedown. The cloud storage service is currently under heavy load, with thousands of user registrations per minute and 100,000 registered users within the site’s first hour, according to Dotcom.

Mega provides drag-and-drop storage solution that allows users to share files via public link. Mega has also implemented a new encryption system to help avoid copyright issues. This system is designed to protect both itself and its users from potential hacks or government raids. And because everything is encrypted, the service will not have access to users’ uploaded content.

All users receive a complementary 50GB of storage on Mega’s servers upon signing up, and the service also offers paid monthly options starting at €9.99 for 500GB, €19.99 for 2TB, or €29.99 for 4TB.

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