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As you know I unboxed my iPad yesterday.  I also have been talking about the huge potential behind the iPad itself.  Now the question is will it fulfill this potential.  Will the iPad be able to have success in these industries.  Those being, (print) media, education, advertising, gaming, and even changing the way we present work in both a business and home environment.

Another huge debate and battle that will go on now with regards to the future of mobile computing is apps vs web apps.  Which will succeed?  Apple has heavily invested in building up the App Store ecosystem.  Most of the apps available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and now iPad are found in the App Store as opposed to a web based application (think Google Voice for the iPhone).  While Apple is focused on client-side applications, it appears Google is pushing more web based applications using HTML5 and Flash.  I firmly believe this will be another showdown between Apple and Google.

I’m curious to know what you think about the iPad and your thoughts on the potential behind it.  Also, which do you prefer, apps or web apps?

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