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It’s here!  It’s here!  Finally.  As promised, iPhone MMS (Multimedia Messages) on the AT&T network is here.  While it took over two months, we finally have it and that is good enough for me.  Well, by that, I mean you will not see me suing AT&T for releasing MMS technically after summer was over (last day of summer is September 22nd, MMS was rolled out on the 25th officially).  Anyone signing up for this class action suit and suing AT&T over this is just out for some money and besides the case is weak (I think, but, hey, I’m not a lawyer).

I’m sure mostly everyone has gotten the update by now but just in case you haven’t or are having trouble this is how you can get MMS on your iPhone.  I should mention that MMS is only available on the 3G and 3GS – it is not available on the original iPhone.

All you have to do to enable MMS is plug in your iPhone to your computer, open iTunes, click update, it will tell you there are new carrier settings, download/install them (it will take only a few seconds), once it’s done, you must restart your iPhone (hold down the power button on the top right and slide to turn off), once completely off turn it back on and that’s it!  You should now have MMS.

If done properly under Messages when you go to send a text message you should see a little camera icon if you press that it will bring up the MMS options.  You will also have the option in your Photos to send as an MMS instead of an Email if you so choose.

How has your iPhone MMS experience been thus far?  Me, personally, I haven’t received some MMS’ that have been sent to me.  I’m not sure what is up with that.  I also know a friend of mine said she would receive the MMS but it would appear as text (e.g. IMG ####).  Weird.

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