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This brand new Internet Explorer commercial by Microsoft attempts to tug at Gen-Y’s heartstrings in an effort to bring them back to the once dominant web browser. The commercial features popular things from the 1990’s, including hungry-hungry hippos, light up and pump sneakers, yin-yang symbols, mushroom haircuts, pogs, tamagotchi’s, and the Oregon Trail video game. I have to say it certainly hit home with me, which is great since I’m the target demographic for this campaign.

With that said, while watching the commercial was great for nostalgia purposes, I’m not sure it was anything more than that. At least for me. The ad itself is very well done, they hit on all of the right topics and I really enjoyed watching it, but is it enough to get someone try Internet Explorer the next time they sit down at a computer? I’m not sure.

I still love Google Chrome and since I’m on a Mac, I guess I can’t try IE again anyway.

Were you a kid of the 90s? Does this make you want to try IE again?


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