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Do you have a library full of steam trading cards you don’t know what to do with? Maybe you have a dozen CS: GO cases you would like to sell? Whatever you own, there’s a way to cash it out of Steam. You may not earn enough money to buy another gaming PC, but you can make decent cash selling your Steam items.

Selling on Steam Market

There are a few ways to make money with your Steam items. The first option is to sell through the Steam marketplace. It’s a quick process that involves choosing a few cards and clicking the “sell these cards” button. Before last year, you would have to sell each card at a time. It was a tedious process that took hours to complete.

Now you can pick multiple cards and sell them through the marketplace. Steam matches your cards with the present price to make it easier to sell. The cards mostly sell for a few dollars, so they are not the most profitable items to sell.

Besides steam cards, you can also sell in-game items from popular games like PUBG and Counter-Strike. These items tend to be reasonably priced such that you can earn $5 to $1,000 from PUBG clothes or a CS: GO weapon skin. The prices vary based on the demand and rarity of an item. If you can get hold of the CS: GO Fire Serpent AK-47, for instance, you could earn up to $400 from it.

Trading games and items

If you have Steam items you no longer use, you can trade instead of selling them. You can trade a wide range of things, including games, in-game items, and cards. Unfortunately, you can’t trade games you have already added to your library. You can only trade a game while it’s still in your inventory.

To make a trade, access your profile area and click the “Trade offers” section. Create an offer and select someone you want to complete a trade with. Choose items you want to trade to them and what you want to receive in return. After you’ve received what you wanted, you can then add them to your library.

It is essential to evaluate your items properly before you proceed to complete a trade. Steam doesn’t offer an option to get back your details after you have traded them. However, you can report someone you suspect of trying to scam you.

Selling Steam items for real money

Steam doesn’t allow you to withdraw cash from your Steam wallet. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been on the platform. After you top-up your account using PayPal or a credit card, you can’t get back that money. Instead, you can use it to purchase games, skins, or trading cards.

Fortunately, there are several ways to go around Steam’s regulations. They are all against Valve’s rules but can help you convert Dota 2, PUBG and CS: GO skins into real cash. The first method is to gift a friend you know an item and ask them for money later on. That’s easy because it involves making deals with people you are sure can’t scam you.

The second option is to use skins’ trading websites. If you haven’t heard of them, these platforms let you trade your skins to them or someone else for real cash. Of course, the process is easier said than done, but you can visit to learn how to sell DOTA 2 items practically.

Choosing a skins trading website

Although there are many legitimate skins trading sites these days, it’s essential to sell your items carefully. Scammers still exist and are always finding for new gamers to defraud. On the other hand, you want to receive value for your items. Use the following tips to find a platform where you can sell your Steam items safely and get the most value.

Read Online Reviews

Gamers have a reputation for being honest, at least when talking about services they’ve used. Visit Reddit threads or any gamers’ forums where people talk about skins trading sites. Find out how different websites work and what skins they accept.

Many platforms accept CS: GO and DOTA 2 skins. So if you want to sell items from other games, find a website that takes them.

Shop around to get value

Getting a low valuation for your items is one of the biggest cons of selling skins items. You could have a skin worth $200 on Steam. But out there some websites offer to buy it for half the price. Don’t settle for the first valuation you get though. Shop around on different websites and gauge the rates you get. Although you might not sell at the exact amount you had in mind, you’ll be able to find a better deal.

Quick Payment

Another problem gamers experience while selling skins is failing to get cash immediately after giving up their skins. It can be frustrating and could make you feel like you are about to get scammed. Many skins trading websites inform you how long you should expect to receive a payment.

But if a platform promises to deliver your cash in two hours and takes a day, you’ll get frustrated. As such, find websites that pay you through PayPal or other quick e-wallets. Also, read reviews to confirm the websites payout as quickly as they promise.

Ease of Selling

If you are like many gamers, you love to get things done quickly. An intuitive website can help you pick skins quickly and trade them fast without asking for anyone’s help. By contrast, a slow site that keeps crashing isn’t a platform you want to use to sell your Steam items.

Final thoughts

If you haven’t tried selling Steam items yet, there are many ways to sell. It’s also easier to rid of your inventory than it was five years ago. So, whether you want to sell a game or a skin, there’s a way around it. However, pick a reliable skin trading site to get great value from your items.

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