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Collaboration is a driver of successful businesses. Technology has created tools which make social collaboration possible. These tools foster learning, improve productivity, and increase employee engagement. Examine the concept of social collaboration and its importance in the workplace.

What Is Social Collaboration?

Social collaboration is defined as the use of social networking tools and social media to help people communicate, share ideas, and achieve their common goals. Also known as enterprise social networking, it is often used in workplaces. 

Social collaboration is driven by the concept that ideas are everywhere. Therefore, if an unrestricted environment is provided for employees to engage with one another and exchange ideas, social collaboration can facilitate learning and produce tangible results.

Ways to Keep Employees Engaged

You can use several tools to keep your employees engaged via social collaboration. 

Cloud Tools

Cloud tools enable you to store all company information in one place. G Suite, Google’s enterprise collaboration suite, is one tool companies can use. You can share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. Tasks such as on-boarding new hires or reassigning employees will become easier when processes become documented and shared across the company.

Mobile Communication Tools

Use a company intranet to facilitate collaboration. Using live chats and discussion forums is another way to keep your employees engaged. By keeping communication lines open, you encourage the exchange of ideas. You can use instant messaging tools such as WhatsApp, Slack, or Google Hangouts.

Co-working Tools

If you have some remote employees, or operate from multiple locations, co-working tools can help you foster social collaboration. For example, video conferencing can help all your employees participate in team briefings. An online message board could enable you to share news and updates. Or an online collaboration tool such as

Why Is Social Collaboration Important?

Social collaboration is important and can benefit your company in many ways.

Promote Smarter and Easier Knowledge Sharing

Since social collaboration ensures a central knowledge database, your employees can share their ideas with others in no time at all. Knowledge is not tied to one employee. Information can be widely accessible, even if it originated from someone who may no longer be employed by the company.

Strengthen Teams and Departments

Teams that communicate effectively are more cohesive, produce better results, and are generally more productive. If employees constantly review their colleagues’ work, the collaboration can lead to better work quality and an all-round better team.

Improve Company Culture

Social collaboration promotes a culture which connects the company’s success with an individual’s success. This type of culture leads to employees setting their goals to align with the company’s mission and objectives. It also eliminates unhealthy competition and promotes team spirit.

Deliver Faster Complaint Resolution

Social collaboration also impacts customer interactions. Client-facing personnel can resolve issues more quickly because they have access to all the required resources. This access reduces the time spent handling requests and inquiries, which can ultimately improve productivity.

Social collaboration can make your workflow seamless. Adopting these tools and practices can positively impact your business through improved productivity and better innovation.  

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