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  • NDAX is rapidly gaining momentum as it shapes the cryptocurrency space in Canada.
  • As regulators enforce new guidance on cryptocurrency exchanges, NDAX is one of the main gateways for BTC to CAD, Beside Coinbase, coinsquare and shakepay.
  • NDAX offers the largest portfolio of coins in Canada; Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Cardano, Dogecoin, EOS, Stellar.

NDAX is powering cryptocurrency transactions in Canada:

So if you wondered “How do I buy or sell cryptocurrency in Canada?”, take note of the following: Arguably one of the fastest ways to do any cryptocurrency transactions would be in the convenience of your own home or anywhere via mobile through an online exchange. Even during the downturn, as people continued to buy and sell cryptocurrency through exchanges, at least $2Trillion per annum Transacted. This is where NDAX is making a big difference in Canada.

(Visit NDAX here for more details: )

The ability to access online exchanges privately from any desktop or mobile device makes this the most convenient choice for Canadians to buy and sell their favourite cryptocurrencies. In addition to accessibility, Canadians are given several choices to fund their account including Interac e-transfer, Direct Deposit and Wire Transfer. What makes NDAX particularly appealing, is How cost-effective it is for its users compared to their competition. Highly competitive inter-market rates, 0.2% trading fees, free deposits and fairly rapid withdrawals. Traders do want to be able to withdraw their funds as soon as possible, which is a unique feature of NDAX. It is also said to operate instant verifications, which means that cryptocurrency traders can be up and running swiftly after signing up.

NDAX’s trading dashboard at your fingertips:

Cryptocurrency traders want instant access to their trading data. They need this at their fingertips, with the ability to access trading reports at various intervals, whether that be daily, weekly or annually. With NDAX, users can log in securely 24/7 and access the data instantly to generate specific reports.

New regulations on cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada:

Quick facts about trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in Canada:

Is Bitcoin legal in Canada?

Strictly speaking under the Bank of Canada Act, only Canadian dollars are legal tender. However,  this does not mean it is unlawful to trade or hold cryptocurrency, as is the case with any other currency Canadians trade, speculate or invest in.

How can I transfer Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies to a Canadian bank account?


There are essentially 5 ways to do this. One of the quickest, most secure and convenient ways is to withdraw from a cryptocurrency exchange directly to your Canadian bank account.

Is Bitcoin taxed in Canada?

Final scoop – Key considerations when choosing a platform:

When preparing to trade cryptocurrency, there are several considerations in choosing the best platform. Price and fees come into play: the exchange rate as well as potential withdrawing fees. There is also trading and withdrawal limits affecting how much one can sell or withdraw to your own account. The security features to protect your assets are considered of immense importance – as is customer care in case there are problematic transactions. Finally, social proof that a platform is popular, such as reputation and reviews, can be a useful indicator. NDAX is one of the leading platforms to watch in Canada as we expect the cryptocurrency market to grow further in coming years.


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