COVID-19 continues to disrupt aspects of what used to be daily life. Some states are seeing decreases in the number of coronavirus cases, while others are seeing increases. With the fluctuations across the United States, people need information as quickly as possible. Part of creating an efficient system means having a strong front line, which is where corona bots come in. These chatbots disperse information and recommendations in seconds, helping along the process of diagnosing, testing and isolating.

Need for Corona Bots

Communication is a key necessity during this pandemic. Any platform that connects experts to people who need information can ultimately save lives. However, in hospitals and medical practices, calls can overwhelm staff members as they try to answer thousands of questions daily. People want to know if they should get a test, if they have symptoms, how they should isolate themselves and so on. 

Instead of staff members providing information, chatbots can do the same — faster and on a wider-scale. Whether it’s through websites, calls or SMS texting, chatbots have a range of abilities. You can access them in a number of different ways — the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Google and Microsoft all have corona bots that you can use.

With these bots in place, people can skip a call with a hospital or emergency room staff member. They get the information they need right away and take the next steps. Additionally, coronavirus chatbots serve different purposes — you’ll want to find the right bot to talk to for your situation. 

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How Chatbots Help

COVID-19 brings about dozens of questions. You may want to assess your symptoms, know your risk level, figure out your next steps or simply gather more information. Corona bots make these processes easier. You won’t need to wait on hold for a staff member to assist you during periods of overwhelming calls. Instead, you can find a chatbot to guide you through it all. 

For instance, you may want an assessment on your symptoms. A bot will ask you various questions about your physical state — early signs of the coronavirus include a dry cough, fever and difficulty breathing. After you fill out a questionnaire, the bot can tell you its assessment. Keep in mind that chatbots aren’t meant to diagnose but rather suggest and advise. 

You can use chatbots to find out your risk level, too. It may state that you are at low risk, for example, and to continue social distancing. Your results will depend on the type of chatbot. Some provide information on the pandemic, others determine your risk level and some assess whether you should go for testing. 

Some chatbots use artificial intelligence (AI), too. They can learn as they go, with more data influencing how they advise you. Most chatbots come in the form of questionnaires, while others are over the phone or through text. With AI, any bot can use prior data to inform you. Then, you can act properly to slow the spread of the virus. 

Next Steps

Your next steps will depend on what your chatbot says. For instance, a Corona bot may take into consideration symptoms, age and location. If your surrounding area has high levels of the virus but your risk level is low, the bot may suggest you stay home. However, if you came in contact with someone who you can confirm has COVID-19 and you are in a high-risk demographic, you may need to seek more immediate care. 

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Regardless, you can call your primary healthcare provider to confirm your next steps. You don’t want to potentially expose yourself to the virus if you feel well. You also don’t want to expose other people to the virus if you do have it. The best option is to consider your health and what the chatbots say and confirm with your care provider.

Importance of Corona Bots

Chatbots are powerful tools that facilitate more efficient communication. With them, connections are fast and informative. People get the information they need right away and can decide how to proceed. Corona bots are the center of this dynamic. Thus, tech is a driving force during this pandemic.

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